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Take Advantage of TN Reconnect to Get Your Degree

Tennessee Reconnect is the state’s new scholarship for adults to earn an associate or technical certificate tuition-free.

Through Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect, Tennessee is the first state to offer two years tuition-free at a technical or community college for high school graduates and adult learners. Tennessee Reconnect will provide last-dollar scholarships for adult learners to attend a community or technical college tuition-free beginning in fall 2018.

A college degree or credential is more important than ever; it means earning higher wages and opening up career opportunities. Tennessee wants to help you get there.

The application for Tennessee Reconnect opens on February 15.

Visit to learn how to get started. The website also has tips for choosing your degree/college path, helps you talk to an adviser, shows ways to pay for college, and explains how you might be able to finish faster.

How Tennessee Reconnect Can Help You

In addition to the tuition-free opportunity at a community or technical college, here are some other reasons to consider enrolling in Tennessee Reconnect:

  • Earning a degree provides you with future opportunity. By the year 2025, 55 percent of jobs in Tennessee will require a postsecondary degree or credential. Only 39 percent of working age adults currently have a degree or credential. Through Tennessee Reconnect, you make yourself a competitive prospect for jobs coming to and being created in Tennessee.
  • There has never been a better time for adults in Tennessee to complete a certificate or degree. In addition to covering tuition for two-year colleges, Tennessee offers support from higher education institutions and Tennessee Reconnect Communities.
  • Even if you’re currently satisfied with your career, a degree can open up new doors for promotion and increase your earning potential. Tennessee Reconnect can help you build upon your experiences and knowledge so you can earn a degree in a way that best fits your needs.
  • Competition for high-paying, stable jobs is increasing. As you combine experience and skills with education, you’ll have what employers are seeking.
  • If you complete a postsecondary degree, your children are more likely to do the same. Studies indicate it’s one of the strongest factors in achieving a college degree. A 2014 study by the University of Michigan found that mothers who achieve a college degree are more likely to raise kids who complete college. By earning your degree, you also can impact the next generation.
  • A postsecondary education can provide more than higher pay. College graduates report having jobs that motivate them. They enjoy their work and gain confidence. People with college degrees are more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices such as exercising more and avoiding smoking. These are habits that can make a significant difference in your well-being.
  • One out of four students in Tennessee public community colleges are adult learners. Tennessee Reconnect will make sure you connect with a support system of peer adult learners.

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Smart Steps Child Care Assistance Program

The Smart Steps Child Care Assistance Program provides child care payment assistance for adults while they attend school. Smart Steps is available to income-eligible working parents and parents pursuing post-secondary education who have children from ages 6 weeks old to kindergarten.

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