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Home Base

Intensive Probation program for custody prevention. The program takes at least 6 months to complete, but the average time is 8/9 months. Client and families must attend 12 hours of group time. Each client must be in at curfew every night, and they must complete all community service, pay all court costs/restitution if applicable. Also, clients must participate in one adventure based activity and must complete one recreation monthly, as well as, complete 18 hours of EVB curriculum. Each quarter the Home Base clients are invited to a client/family party, (ex, Fall Festival). During these parties the clients immediate family can engage in games, activities, crafts, dinner and lots of door prizes. Clients are seen often, depending on level, at school and in the home.

Eligibility Requirements

All referrals are received from Juvenile court staff probation staff and/ or Judge or Magistrates. Clients must have a risk score of 5 or above unless Judge overides this requirement. Client and family are assessed prior to court date and they must agree to participate in the program. Clients are referred to Home Base for charges serious enough to put them at risk of entering states custody/Juvenile Justice. When placed in Home Base in Knox County, The clients are placed on a suspended Commitment.

How to get started

  1. Use one of these methods to contact this service:
    • Phone
    • Completed at court hearing after judicial order
  2. Find the location closest to you below, and use their contact information.

Ages Served

Ages 11-18


Helen Ross Mcnabb Center
Knoxville, TN 37919
Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm