Mid-Cumberland Relative Caregiver Program (New Vision, Inc.)


Mid Cumberland Relative Caregiver Program (MCRCP) is an option available for relatives in the Mid-Cumberland region to care for related children who cannot live with their parents but are not in state custody. RCP families receive supportive services, such as information and referral, children and adult support groups, Enrichment activities, Educational Workshops, Case Management and Emergency/ Start up Financial Assistance. RCP is funded under an agreement with the Dept. of Children Services.

Eligibility Requirements

In order for participants to qualify for Relative Caregiver Services: The relative caregiver must be related to the child by blood, marriage, or adoption. The relative caregiver must have primary care and control of the child through informal arrangements or through legal custody or guardianship. The caregiver and spouse living in the home must be willing to take part in an in-home assessment and provide supporting documentation verifying program eligibility. The caregiver must agree to accept support services The child must be age 18 or under; age 19 if the child will complete high school or vocational/technical training before age 20. The caregiver must complete a safety home assessment to ensure home safety for child(ren) in relative’s care. The relative caregiver's home must be the child's primary residency. To receive emergencyor start-up financial assistance from the program, the relative caregiver family must not ve in receipt of any tipe of kinsip payment or subsidy such as; Foster Care Board Payment, or Subsidized Guardianship. The household income cannot exceed twice the current federal poverty guidelines for household size. The primary relative caregiver, the secondary caregiver (caregiver's spouse) and all of the children in the household should be counted to determine the size of the family unit.

How to get started

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Ages Served

  • All Ages of Children

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