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Project ENRICH Shelby County- UT Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities

Shelby County Project Enrich Supported Parenting Classes are held each Wednesday, 10-11:30, at the University of Tennessee Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities. The program is tailored for parents or expectant parents who have Intellectual Disabilities or limited learning. Participants are provided with bus passes for transportation & light snacks. Our Family Support Specialist also conducts home-visits with those parents who qualify. The program usesDr. Stephen Bavolek’s evidence based "Nurturing Parenting" cur-riculum and consists of 12 sessions ranging in topics from Safety to Alternatives to Spanking. Each parent is given a pre and post as-sessment to provide insight into the parent’s progress. We strive to give this parent population a fair chance to parent while giving them the skills to raise a healthy child.

Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be Shelby County residents and have special learning needs that may include, but are not limited to, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, low/no literacy, or other learning challenges. Participants should have custody of their children and have not had substantiated allegations of child abuse or neglect. All possible referrals should be sent directly to Belinda Hardy, Chief of Social Work at UT Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities, btate@uthsc.edu, 901-448-6669.

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Ages Served

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