Beating the Winter Slide


The holidays, it’s a magical time of year! From family time, holiday meals, fun presents and a break from school, it can be easy for kids to get carried away from time to time. It’s important for children and families to stay active, mentally and physically, during the winter break. The days may be shorter and colder but there are plenty of ways can keep your bodies and minds moving. Check out a few of these helpful tips!

Take a trip to the local library!  Winter break can be the perfect time for kids to do some extra reading. Looking for local story times, exploring the children’s book section of your library and finding other ways to get your child reading over the holidays can keep them entertained while avoiding screen time. Help your kids expand on their skills by encouraging them to read a book about a new topic, ask them follow-up questions about characters in the stories they are reading or have them practice reading out loud to a family pet.

Check out a museum! Walking around a museum and looking at exhibits is a great way to get some exercise, plus children are learning at the same time! Many museums have interactive areas or special crafts for children. The Tennessee State Museum is a wonderful and FREE resource for all Tennesseans. You can learn more about what the museum offers families by watching this short video

Get outdoors! Yes, it may be cold but there are benefits to being outside, even in the winter. Sledding, skiing,  snowboarding, and kid-friendly winter hikes are exciting ways to keep your children happy and healthy during this time of year. At several state parks, families can take a hike while reading a story along the way as a part of the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation’s Imagination Library Storybook Trails

Bring out the board games! Playing board games can be a good way for children to explore strategy, think critically, and have a ton of fun. Whether you are looking for games to help your child learn more about spelling and language, problem-solving, the building blocks of engineering, or any other skill set, playing board games is a great option for family fun.

Arts and craft fun! The holidays can be an ideal time to cultivate a child’s interest in various arts. Consider making some time for craft projects during winter break to foster your child’s creativity. Finding shows and performances that are child appropriate over the holidays can be an enriching experience for the entire family.

Remember, they’re just kids! The holidays can be a challenge for any child whose routine is upended during winter break. Attempt to avoid scheduling more than demanding event a day around the holidays to keep frustration levels low and make sure to include plenty of physical activity and downtime! Before you know it, they’ll be back in school!