Tennessee Governor's Schools


These programs provide challenging and intensive learning summer experiences for gifted and talented students who will be entering the 11th or 12th grade in the following disciplines: Agricultural Sciences, Arts, Computational Physics, Emerging Technologies, Engineering, Humanities, Information Technology Leadership, International Studies, Prospective Teachers, Sciences, Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage, and Scientific Models and Data Analysis.

Eligibility Requirements

The program is open to students who are presently attending 10th or 11th grade in a Tennessee public or private secondary school or are home schooled at that level. School counselors or principals nominate students, who must apply through their school counselors. Each Governor’s School has specific eligibility requirements listed on the application and selects the students who will be invited to attend. The applications and specific eligibility requirements (which change annually) can be found on the Governor's School website: tn.gov/education/topic/tdoe-governors-schools. Students demonstrating the following characteristics are most likely to profit from this unique living/learning experience: display a high degree of motivation to participate in the school for the entire program, possess the ability to cope with a curriculum that stresses creative conceptual thinking, and be willing to expend considerable time and effort in the content area selected. Nominees should rank in the top (preferably upper 10 percent of their class) in performance/capability and should be emotionally mature, possessing evidence of many characteristics of a gifted student, which include the following: a. Curiosity as a keen observer, thrives on complexity and gets involved b. Ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate; sees new relationships; is able to generate many alternatives; is self-initiated c. Ability to learn rapidly, easily, and efficiently; retains and uses information d. Ability to express himself/herself in writing, orally, and/or artistically e. Sense of humor f. Inquisitiveness Specific criteria for the School for the Arts include academic good standing, recommendation by their arts teacher (music, theatre, visual art, filmmaking, or dance), high motivation, demonstration of a high level of accomplishment in an arts discipline, and the maturity to participate effectively in a four-week residency program of intensive study. Students may attend only one school.

How to get started

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Ages Served

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