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Eligibility Requirements

Intensive Counseling Camelot provides home-based services through Continuous Child and Family Treatment (CCFT). The service usually involves multiple visits per week by the counselor to the home. Camelot accepts TennCare or self-pay* clients for our Intensive Counseling services. Outpatient Therapy Outpatient services are designed to assist individuals, couples, parents, and families in dealing with the difficulties that are faced in daily life. Camelot accepts TennCare or self-pay* clients for Outpatient Therapy. Case Management Camelot’s Case Management program offers 2-4 face to face visits per month with a trained professional and empowers the individual to live a more balanced and successful life. Camelot accepts TennCare or self-pay* Case Management clients. Substance Use The Substance Use program Camelot uses is designed for adolescents and young adults to help them examine their lives, substance use, and the impact of their current choices on their future through Motivational Interviewing. Camelot accepts TennCare or self-pay* clients for the Substance Use program. Family Preservation Services Camelot provides Family Preservation Services to 1 of the Department of Children's Services regions: Southwest Region. These services are offered to help strengthen families and create safer communities, through education, early intervention, community partnerships, and resource linkage. Camelot works to preserve families by engaging them in a process to improve their relationships and supports. These services are provided through the Department of Children's Services only. *Some locations offer sliding scale rates for self-pay clients based on income. Contact you're local office to see what's available.

How to get started

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Ages Served

  • Ages 11-13
  • Ages 4-5
  • Ages 8-10
  • Ages 17-18
  • Ages 6-7
  • Ages 14-16

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