Yello Dyno


The Yello Dyno method is scientifically based on the Nobel Prize-winning research of Dr. Roger Sperry and the internationally recognized research on children in crisis of Dr. Bruce Perry. It works in real life because the information is stored in the part of the brain that activates in the "fight or flight" response. When a child's life is at stake, this is what works. Since 1987, over 3 million children are safer.

Eligibility Requirements

Yello Dyno helps children protect themselves from “Tricky People.” The term “tricky people” defines anyone who means your child harm including: abductors, child abusers, sexual predators, Internet predators, bullies and violent kids. Area guidance counselors, pre-school and daycare facilities and summer camp counselors have been using this program since 2009. This training can be used for children grades Pre-K to Eighth to help them identify people, whom they may know and trust, that may wish them harm. This lesson is delivered in one 30-45 minute session, and will teach children how to feel empowered through music, video and role playing exercises.

How to get started

  1.  Phone
  2.  Email
  3. Find the location closest to you below, and use their contact information.

Ages Served

  • Ages 11-13
  • Ages 1-3
  • Ages 4-5
  • Ages 8-10
  • Ages 6-7

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