Erlanger Nurse Family Partnership


Erlanger Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) at Erlanger is an evidence-based, community health program, for WIC eligible, first time pregnant moms, who live in Hamilton County. Each mom is partnered with her own registered nurse when she enrolls, who will walk her thru all that’s ahead for the first 1000 days of her baby’s life – from pregnancy thru baby’s second birthday. During visits, the nurses educate each mom on health, and how to have a healthy pregnancy. They also help moms understand about mom/baby attachment and how to understand baby’s cues. Once baby is born, the nurse will support the new family and make sure baby is growing and developing as he or she should. The nurse will also help each mom set goals and get connected to resources. Our goal is to help each mom be the best mom that she can be. Nurses will meet with moms weekly, every other week or monthly at different times in the program.

Eligibility Requirements

NFP serves any first time moms who live in Hamilton county, who are at or below 200% of the poverty level and are less than 28 weeks pregnant when they enroll.

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