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Our mission is to combat child abuse by coordinating services to abused children and their families in crisis and to prevent abuse through community education focused on prevention and early intervention. Our direct services include Forensic Interviews, Counseling, and Victim Advocacy. Forensic interviews are provided for alleged child victims of sexual and/or severe physical abuse at our center by a professional trained to elicit information from the child in a non-threatening and non-leading manner. Davis House Child Advocacy Center also offers counseling services designed to support abuse victims and their families through the healing process after the abuse. The Child and Family Advocate shepherds families during the investigative process by providing support, information and coordination of services. We do not charge for any of our services as they are designed to help the family return to a normalcy that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Eligibility Requirements

We serve alleged child victims of sexual and/or physical abuse under the age of 18 who live in our service areas of Williamson, Lewis, Hickman, and Perry Counties. Davis House Child Advocacy Center provides leadership and coordination of participants in the Child Protective Investigative Team, a multi-disciplinary team consisting of individuals from local law enforcement, Office of the District Attorney, Department of Children's Services, Juvenile Court officers, medical personnel, and Davis House Child Advocacy Center staff. Our direct services include forensic interviews, child and family advocacy, and clinical counseling with a trauma focus. 

An additional significant component of our services is Community Education on prevention of child abuse. Davis House has trained facilitators in the nationally recognized program called Stewards of Children through the Darkness to Light organization. Our staff also offers trainings on recognizing the signs and symptoms of abuse and other prevention topics. 

The Stewards of Children training is an evidence-informed prevention solution that shows administrators, staff, and volunteers how to implement effective prevention policies, recognize the signs of sexual abuse in children, and react responsibly if abuse occurs. It is ideal for schools, daycares, churches, and other community organizations concerned about awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse. Davis House's trained facilitators offer these services free of charge to the community. If you are interested in bringing these trainings to your organization, please contact our Executive Director at marcus@davishousecac.org. 

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Ages Served

  • All Ages of Children
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