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NICE-MIHOW Program Overview

Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE), established in 2005, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community -based organization dedicated to ensuring refugees and immigrants achieve their full potential now and for generations to come. The Maternal Infant Health Outreach Worker Program (MIHOW) is a peer mentoring program which utilizes home visits and group opportunities to educate and motivate families toward healthy choices, focusing on the vulnerable periods of pregnancy and early childhood. MIHOW is a partnership between Vanderbilt University and NICE, linking university strengths with community strengths to improve health outcomes among disadvantaged refugee and immigrant families. NICE serves as the local sponsoring organization to coordinate the work at each MIHOW site. Through participation in the MIHOW network, communities benefit in many ways, often leading to the development of additional services, including tutoring and literacy programs, day care centers, food and clothing pantries, health clinics, family planning programs, economic development projects, job training, and links to federal assistance.  MIHOW advances community development as well as child health and development and individual empowerment. The overall goal of the program is to improve health and child development for families in underserved communities.

Eligibility Requirements

The NICE-MIHOW program model targets underserved communities and primarily serves refugee/immigrant low income, stressed and isolated families, recognizing that they are at highest risk for poor birth outcomes. The program targets both rural communities where families are geographically isolated and urban areas where families face transportation and language barriers. These families are at risk for poor outcomes due to a variety of factors such as poverty, tobacco use, low education level, obesity, and lack of support systems. To view demographic information for participants enrolling in the MIHOW program, see the MIHOW website,

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