Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County Tennessee, Inc.


The CAC assists children who have been victims or witnesses to physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, crimes or other trauma. We provide a child safe/friendly environment where children feel welcome and at ease to tell their story. Children receive culturally competent services such as forensic interviews, medical evals, victim advocacy, and therapy if needed to begin the healing process. This is done as part of CPIT, along with case review. Other children who are witnesses or victims of violent crimes or other trauma may also receive services. Support groups are available for non-offending caregivers/family members and domestic violence survivors. Stewards of Children training is offered in the community.

Eligibility Requirements

Child Services: child is defined as birth through seventeen and include any child where severe abuse is suspected or known, or with other trauma issues, such as being bullied, or witnessing abuse or neglect, domestic violence, bullying, other crime, etc. Forensic Interview: Child may be victim or witness of abuse, neglect or other crime. Must be referred by Dept. Of Children's Services, Law Enforcement, the District Attorney General or Court. Medical Evaluation: Child with disclosure of sexual abuse more than 72 hours from the incident, with referral from DCS or Law Enforcement may be seen at the CAC by SANE NP, Gail Clift of Pediadvocate Services. Child will receive a full medical evaluation. If recent sexual abuse is suspected (happened less than 72 hours ago), child is to go to East Tennessee Children's Hospital ER for a forensic medical. Any child who is bleeding or experiencing pain should also go to ETCH ER. Victim Advocacy Services: Available for any child who may be required to go to court (court prep); any child when a victim of a crime (criminal injury compensation filing assistance with parent/guardian). Resource and referral offered to all families. Case Review: Child clients in all severe abuse cases receive monthly case review as part of CPIT (Child Protective Investigative Team) Adult:Non-offending Parent/Caregiver/Adult Family Member Educational Support Groups. (Title explains eligibility) 7 week program which may be adjusted to accommodate special circumstances. Domestic Violence Survivor Educational Support Group: Must be non-offending party to the domestic violence and not have offenses against children. 12 week curriculum which focuses on effects of domestic violence on children and how to build healthy relationships. * Mental Health Therapy services are provided at the CAC by therapists through an agreement with Omni Community Health. Therapists see child clients, non-offending adult family members, including adults who are trauma survivors.

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Ages Served

  • All Ages of Children

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