Children's Advocacy Center: Emmy Haney House


The Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) was established as a private, non-profit agency in 1991 to provide a safe and caring environment for hurting children to receive the services they need in one comprehensive facility. We help victims become children again and lead normal, healthy, productive lives, thereby breaking the cycle of abuse. While we are not a residential facility, the CAC is uniquely designed to serve children who have experienced the unimaginable.

Eligibility Requirements

Children who have experienced sexual or physical abuse are referred for services are through the Department of Children's Services, law enforcement, or the Hamilton County DA's office. Services include forensic interviews, medical exams, therapy and family advocacy. Child forensic interviews are designed to be neutral and fact-finding in which the child feels safe telling the facts of any incident which may or may not have occurred. Interviews are conducted by trained CAC staff and are generally observed by a detective and a child protective services worker. This service provides thorough incident disclosure by the child in one interview, thereby eliminating the need for the child to undergo multiple interviews. Our forensic interviewers also serve as "expert witnesses" in court proceedings, and interviews are recorded for accurate documentation. Because physical evidence of abuse, particularly sexual abuse, must be obtained quickly, delays in examining a child may result in lost evidence. In collaboration with Children’s Hospital at Erlanger the CAC provides a quality medical facility used strictly for child abuse examinations. A pediatric physician or a pediatric nurse practitioner, with specialized training and expertise in child abuse, examines victims on site, thereby, eliminating long waits in the emergency room. Children are examined two days per week by appointment and after hours for emergencies. CAC counselors all have very specialized training in trauma-focused cognitive-based therapy for children. They provide direct assessment, therapy, and support services and are specially trained to deal with the intricate problems relating to child victimization. Children who are referred for therapy may come as long as necessary. The CAC family advocate assists the non-offending parent or care-taker with services needed to maintain a safe and stable environment for their children. We also assist the family in filing for Victim’s Comp Funds for the child.

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