Child Advocacy Center of Rutherford and Cannon County


The Child Advocacy Center of Rutherford County is a non-profit agency that serves children who have been victims of child abuse, child sexual abuse, or are in drug endangered homes, along with their non-offending parent members. The goals of the Child Advocacy Center are to increase children's safety, help children and their families heal from the trauma and victimization of child abuse and child sexual abuse, and to help prosecute child abuse perpetrators.

Eligibility Requirements

Interviews- All interviews are scheduled by referral from Department of Children's Services or Law Enforcement.

How to get started

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  2. Find the location closest to you below, and use their contact information.

Ages Served

  • Ages 4-5
  • Ages 6-7
  • Ages 8-10
  • Ages 11-13
  • Ages 14-16
  • Ages 17-18

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