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Crittenton Youth Services


Crittenton Youth Services (CYS): Custodial Residential Level II Special Populations This program serves adolescent females who: have moderate to severe emotional and/or behavioral problems; need on-campus education; display impulsive behaviors, alcohol and/or drug abuse, aggression, moderate mental health needs and diagnosis; are chronic runaways; have difficulty maintaining self-control; display poor social skills; and have difficulty accepting adult authority.

Agency Name

Eligibility Requirements

Female, ages 13 - 18; These adolescents should be able to live in a non-secure setting, but require 24/7 adult supervision. Most insurance can be accepted as well as private pay clients. Please call 865-602-2021 for more information.

How to get started

  1.  Phone
  2.  Email
  3.  Walk-In
  4. Find the location closest to you below, and use their contact information.

Ages Served

  • Ages 11-13
  • Ages 14-16
  • Ages 17-18
  • Full Family Support

City Agency Address 1 Address 2 Times Phone Email Web

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