Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center


Our mission is to provide the coordination of investigation, advocacy and therapeutic services in a child-focused and child-friendly setting for our most vulnerable victimized citizens...our children. As a state of Tennessee licensed Mental Health Outpatient facility, Safe Harbor works with law enforcement, TN DCS Child Protective Services, specially trained medical and mental health professionals and our District Attorney General's office to investigate allegations of child abuse.

Eligibility Requirements

We serve all counties in the 4th Judicial District of Tennessee (Cocke, Grainger, Jefferson and Sevier Counties). Safe Harbor works with children and families where there have been allegations of severe neglect, physical and sexual abuse or child(ren)who may have been witness to a violent crime or act. Allegations are generally referred by TN Department of Children’s Services, Law Enforcement or the District Attorney’s Office. Safe Harbor CAC serves children age’s birth to 18 years and their non-offending care givers. We charge no fees for our services. Because It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child!

How to get started

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Ages Served

  • All Ages of Children

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