Finishing the School Year Strong


Spring is here! The days are longer, the flowers are blooming and the end of the school year is just around the corner!

However, before you or your kids push the “coast into summer” button it’s important to finish the school year stronger than ever. For older students, this is a very important time to prepare for the next school year or the next step in higher education.

TN Promise students are required to complete 8 hours of community service. For a list of semester term deadlines click here . For additional checklist requirements for TN Promise students, check out this complete checklist for the class of 2019.

For older students, the summer break doesn’t mean the school work stops. High school students who are ending their sophomore year will greatly benefit from ACT/SAT prep during the summer months between their sophomore and junior year. Most students will take the SAT or ACT (or both!) once during their junior year and once during the fall semester of their senior year. Here are some tips to get started!

·         Take a practice test: you can register for a free practice test here.

·         Sign up for a prep class

·         Prep online

·         Get a personal tutor

For a complete list of ACT/SAT test dates and for more resources click here!

Whether your kids are high school seniors or finishing their first year in school here are some tips to keep them on the right track during the final weeks of class.

Set goals: Setting goals both personally and academically will help students stay on track.

Don’t put off responsibilities: Putting off school-related responsibilities will leave students scrambling and stressed at the last minute.

Stay Organized: Keep track of assignments and test dates in a planner or calendar to stay organized and prepared for upcoming final projects and tests.

Remember what you’ve accomplished and worked for: One bad performance on a final test or project could undo all of your effort for a certain letter grade.

Take advantage of the nice weather: Students don’t have to stay cooped up inside to study. Get creative by studying and doing homework outside!

Adjust your attitude: How are you feeling right now? Can you not wait for the end of the school year? Adjusting your attitude to be more positive can make all the difference.

Focus on the finish line: Visualize the finish line and end of year goals, focus on that. The school year is almost over, you can do it!