Prepare Children to Be TNReady


The Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) test, given to students in grades 3-11 each year, measures their skills and learning progress and helps ensure students are on a path to success after they graduate from high school. Beginning in the 2015–16 school year, the state is introducing a new and improved TCAP test for English language arts and math called TNReady.

The new TNReady TCAP tests are designed to assess students’ true understanding of those subjects, not just basic memorization and test-taking skills. During the 2015-16 school year, TNReady will be administered via paper and pencil (both Part I and Part II).

How TNReady will help students and parents

  • It will help students develop skills that are in line with college and work expectations.
  • It will allow students to show what they know and can do in multiple ways.
  • It will provide more and better information for teachers and parents to show students’ progress and learning needs.
  • It promotes real-world problem solving.

While TNReady will be a new TCAP test in English and math, growth is important in all subjects, so students will continue to take TCAP tests in science and social studies

Testing Assesment Timeline

Visit the Assesment Calendar website for up to date testing assesments. 

Help your kids prepare to be TNReady

Here are some things you and your child can do to get ready.

Download and review the Parent Guide to Being TNReady from the Tennessee Department of Education, which includes testing details and sample questions.

Download the Parent Checklist for Being TNReady.

Help your child get comfortable with technology. Encourage your student to begin using digital devices such as a laptop, tablet or desktop computer. If Internet access is a challenge at your home, talk with the school about options for allowing your student to use a computer after school hours. Also, you may use a computer lab at a public library, community center or church.

Access online practice tools. Students, parents and teachers have early and free access to online TNReady practice tools to ensure students are ready for the types of test questions that will appear on the assessment.

Read educational materials. Ask the teacher to suggest activities for you and your child to do at home to help prepare for the test, and get suggestions for educational books from your local library. You can also access the free Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL), a website with more than 400,000 resources for children and teens, including magazines, e-books, encyclopedias and test preparation materials. By reading new materials, a child will learn words that might appear on a test. Resources such as TEL can also help kids learn more about math, science, geography, state history, the arts and other subjects.

Remember that the best preparation for TNReady comes from learning in the classroom. Talk with your child’s teacher about the technology that will be used for testing, as every school district is different. Teachers are the greatest resource for parents regarding test schedules and information. Make sure your child attends school regularly. Encourage children to ask questions, and praise them when they do a good job. Children who are afraid of failing are more likely to become anxious when taking tests and more likely to make mistakes.

Additional resources

If you have additional questions about TNReady, talk to your child’s teacher or email