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Back to School in a Post Pandemic World


Kids may have a lot of questions about returning to school as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across Tennessee and the U.S. While many school districts have moved back to in-person learning, some larger districts have opted to keep a hybrid plan available or extend their virtual learning options for certain grade levels. The Tennessee Department of Education launched a back to school hub with all the information parents and guardians will need as students prepare to head back to school in a post pandemic world. 

In the meantime, consider some of these tips from CCHMC to help children feel safe and prepared when school begins.

Be positive about the future.

·         Stay calm

·         Share how your family follows current safety guidelines.

·         Show how your family will follow new safety guidelines.

·         Embrace the new normal as a change to teach critical and new life skills like problem solving, adapting to change, and taking care of ourselves and others.

Create a schedule for the new normal.

·         Daily routines can help children feel calm and prepared for eh day.

·         Answer questions about the new safety rules at school.

·         Talk about seeing friends and teachers again.

·         Encourage your child to make the best personal decisions at school.

Talk with your child.

·         Be honest and confident.

·         Listen to your child’s fears and concerns.

·         Share your own experiences.

·         Answer questions with facts and ideas your child can understand.

·         Explain that state and local leaders are working to make students safe.

Use language your child understands.

·         Young children like to know what to expect. Discuss new routines, activities, and people they will see.

·         Pre-adolescents like to ask detailed questions. Give reasons for the changes in school routines. Help them understand the difference between fact and rumors.

·         Teens like to be included in decisions. Guide them to accurate sources of information. Help your child plan personal goals for schools and the future.