Getting Students Back on Track with Academics


Kids may have a lot of questions about returning to school as COVID-19 restrictions and recomendations continue to evolve and change. There's no question that many students and school districts have lost a lot of ground academically over the past two years. The Tennessee Department of Education is working on programs that will help students of all ages get back on track with their academics, check out the list below to learn more! 

  • S.I.M.P.L.E. Moments Campaign
    • S.I.M.P.L.E. stands for: 
      • S - Focus on hearing and playing with sounds to create pre-reading experiences.
      • - Stay informed on ways to support your child.
      • M – Use the shared resources as a model for playing and talking with your child.
      • P - Play games at home that involve sounds and words. 
      • L- Spend time listening and learning with your child. 
      • EEngage in opportunities to learn will best prepare your child for school.
  • The At-Home Decodable Book Series
    • The At-Home Decodable Book Series is available for free for all Tennessee families of K-2 children. Learn more here and order here. If you need information about your previously ordered decodables, email
  • AP Access for ALL
    • Before the launch of AP Access for ALL in June 2021, only 50% of Tennessee high school students had access to an AP class at their school. Now, 86% of all public high schools, representing 110 school districts, have partnered with AP Access for ALL to give their students access to college level courses and the opportunity to earn college credit during high school. Students are encouraged to sign up through their high school counselors.
  • TN ALL Corps
    • TN ALL Corps is a matching grant opportunity to empower districts to implement or strengthen tutoring supports for students in low ratios and at a high dosage, with TN ALL Corps tutoring occurring for small groups of students in 30–45-minute sessions, two to three times per week. This approach in combination with summer programming will provide students with 250-500 additional hours of academic instruction over the next three years and two summers. 
    • Learn more here:

The Tennessee Department of Education launched a back to school hub with all the information parents and guardians will need as students prepare to head back to school for the 2022-23 school year.