Celebrating Teachers and Strengthening Communicating Together!


May is Teacher Appreciation Month, which is dedicated to celebrating our incredible teachers. Teachers across Tennessee play a vital role in shaping our lives, guiding us through the world of learning with care and dedication. As we honor them, let’s also emphasize the importance of communication between teachers and guardians to support student success.

Collaboration and communication between guardians and teachers are crucial to setting students up for success. Studies show the more guardian involvement, the higher student success rate is in literacy and numeracy. Teachers can elaborate on your child’s weaknesses and strengths. Guardians can start by having regular conversations with teachers via email, phone calls, or in-person meetings to stay current on their student’s progress.

Technology is a great resource to utilize to help frame communication with teachers. For example, guardians may look up their student's assignments and grades online, making it easier for guardians to know how their kids are progressing and when talking to teachers is needed.

The Tennessee Department of Education has many tools and resources to help you with your child’s educational journey. The family resources section shares multiple avenues and services to help you connect the dots and get your questions answered. More support is provided through Family Resource Centers throughout the state, making it easier for guardians to get answers to their concerns. These valuable resources can assist you as a guardian in communicating effectively with your teachers.

Throughout May and over the next year, the Tennessee Department of Education will be highlighting exceptional teachers on social media, and we encourage guardians to engage using the hashtags #TNSupportsTeachers and #WhyTeachTN. As we say thank you to teachers this month and throughout the year, remember how important it is for guardians and teachers to communicate with each other. Together, they can help kids do their best in school. Thanks, teachers, for everything you do!

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