School Readiness Pledge for Community Leaders


Success in school begins well before a child enters kindergarten. Tennessee’s School Readiness Model emphasizes that the state’s children will be ready to succeed in school only when families, communities and schools work together on their behalf throughout the early childhood years. “Readiness” is not solely a condition within a child but is a condition that exists when communities, schools and families collectively support children’s development from birth to age 5. 

Take a moment to review and sign the pledge below to support school readiness.

The Pledge for Community Leaders

I pledge to do my best to be an example for other adults through my attention and actions to protect young children’s health, development and education. I will contribute and participate in giving resources and expertise to build the capacity of child-serving institutions to operate by high standards in my community. I will use my voice to speak up and speak out about what children and families need to assure children’s success in school and in life. In my community, I pledge to encourage and support positive and frequent interactions between family, community, schools and children to collectively create a nurturing environment for child development and learning starting at birth.

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