Obesity has become a national epidemic, with a growing number of children suffering from health problems associated with being overweight. That’s why in 2006, then-Gov. Phil Bredesen launched a health and wellness awareness campaign called GetFitTN

Designed to promote a healthier lifestyle for all Tennesseans through increased physical activity and proper nutrition, GetFitTN offers a wide range of online tools and resources, including: 

  • Health and fitness trackers designed to monitor goals and progress
  • A virtual food journal based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s database of foods
  • Health and fitness calculators to determine calories burned, body mass index, etc.
  • A section designed especially for kids and teens
  • A teachers’ section, which includes lesson plans and educational forums
  • Information that promotes wellness at work
  • Tobacco cessation tools and resources also provides valuable information about Type 2 diabetes and risk factors associated with the disease. is geared toward educating both adults and children, while encouraging small lifestyle changes that can make a big difference in overall health.

How It Works

All of the tools available at are absolutely free. All you need is a valid email address. Simply go to  and click the “JOIN GETFIT!” icon. Once you fill out the required information, you will receive an email with an activation code.  

Registered users can then set up and track personal health and fitness goals, such as blood glucose and cholesterol levels. You can also challenge other users or set up teams to promote increased fitness among family, friends or co-workers.

To learn more, visit