Keeping the Family Active as we Head into the New Year


When the holidays are over and your kids prepare to head back into the classroom, that task may be easier said than done. Getting back into a reasonable routine after family trips, gifts, grandparents and lazy mornings can be an all-out challenge for every member of the family.

Here are a few helpful tips that could ease your kids into life after the holidays;

·         Try and combat tiredness, lethargy and lack of concentration with a lunch full of energy boosting foods, never skip breakfast!

·         Every child is different, but most school aged children need 10 hours of sleep every night. Begin the day’s wind down about one hour before bed (that incudes electronic devices).

·         We’re all creatures of habit, and routines allow children to know what to expect and when to expect it. Routines can help prevent confusion which can develop into temper tantrums and arguments.

·         Before taking the plunge back into school, talk about it. It may help to get them ready for school by taking them shopping, involving them and asking them to pick things for their lunchbox or backpack.

Keeping Active in the New Year

Exercise and getting into shape is always one of the top New Year goals for folks. While children may not be as interested in monitoring their waist line, there are major benefits that come from being active. Here are a few helpful ideas to keep your family moving in the New Year;

1.       Go for pre or post dinner walks: whether you head into town or just walk the neighborhood, building a walk into your daily schedule ensures that it won't get put off.

2.      Visit one of Tennessee's beautiful state parks! Did you know there are more than 1000 miles of walking trails to explore?! Not to mention, waterfalls, rivers and mountains; your entire family will find something to enjoy while remaining active and healthy!      

3.       Who doesn’t love a dance party: crank up some fun tunes and dance off your last meal! Siblings tend to do very well with a dance challenge.

4.       Sneak workouts into other activities: have your toddler walk instead of riding in the cart at the supermarket, and take the stairs or walk up the escalator whenever possible.

5.       Turn TV commercials into fitness breaks: invent silly names for simple exercises like squats, push-ups, and sit-ups, and then do them together till the show comes back on.

6.       Walk the dog: research from North American Association on the Study of Obesity shows that dog owners had more fun losing weight and were able to keep it off longer than non-pup-owners. Looking for a reason to get a dog? You’re welcome.