It’s Spring! Tips to Boost Your Family’s Fitness


Spring is here, and it’s a great time for your family to take advantage of the nicer weather. Get outside with your kids and enjoy outdoor activities that boost fitness.

Practicing healthy habits every day will help your children live a healthier life. It will also help them achieve more in school.

A few small changes in your family’s physical activity can have a huge impact on your kids now and on their long-term health. Find good ideas for improving your family’s health with the Small Starts for Families tool from Healthier Tennessee. See more details and signup information below.

Tips to Improve Fitness

Here are some Small Starts ideas from kidcentral tn and that will get your family outside and ready to exercise:

Don’t Exceed the Screen Limit. Limit how much time you and your family spend in front of TV and computer screens. Try taking a walk or playing outside after school instead.

Get Outside and Play Together. Find outdoor activities you and your family can enjoy together. Try hiking, walking or playing at parks and community centers.

Walk to School. Find safe ways for your kids to walk or ride bikes to school. Organize or join a walking group with drop-off points a safe distance from your school.

Family Walks. After dinner, walk around the neighborhood with your kids. This helps with digestion, helps control blood sugar and adds exercise to your day.

Try New Sports. Introduce your kids to sports they haven't tried. Soccer, swimming or tennis may turn out to be their new favorite activity.

Dance Party: Turn on some music and dance. After work or school is a great time to add a short burst of activity, burn calories and help kids burn extra energy.

Sign Up for Small Starts

Small Starts are simple, healthy actions you can turn into routine habits in as little as 10 minutes a day. The state of Tennessee has more than 60 Small Starts tips that you can browse, save and come back to as ideas for helping your family members lead healthier lives. These simple action steps can lead to big health gains.

To set up a customized Small Starts plan for your family, sign up at

Watch this video from kidcentral tn for more information on Small Starts.

Spring Sports Safety

As your children participate in spring sports and other outdoor activities, always make sure safety is the top priority. Be especially aware of the potential for head injuries. Sports-related injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) such as concussions, can occur in any sport or recreational activity. Young children and teens are more likely to get a concussion and take longer to recover than adults.

Find more information on the symptoms of a concussion and what to do if you think one has occurred.

Safe Stars Initiative Kickoff Event

Safe Stars recognizes youth sports leagues in Tennessee that adhere to high standards of safety. Join representatives from Tennessee professional and collegiate sports teams as well as other high profile organizations to learn about the nation's first youth sports safety rating system. Register to attend this free event in Nashville on May 2, 2018 at

Additional Resources

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