Making the Most out of Snow Days


It’s early in the morning and your kids are extremely happy to learn school’s closed due to weather, but what’s next? Snow days are a great way for families to reconnect and be active together.

Listen to a kid's podcast

BrainsOn is a science podcast for kids of all ages with a curious mind. With more than 100 episodes, you can easily find a great show to listen to on their website.

If you want to keep with the snow day theme, two possible episodes include, “How do Meteorologists Predict the Weather” and “Why are no Two Snowflakes the Same?”

Who’s ready for a dance party?

Check out The Current which has a great playlist for kids with its Rock the Cradle live stream.

Exercise is important

Cosmic Kids Yoga does a great job of leading kids through yoga with developmentally appropriate dialogue. You can also find winter themed videos like Frozen, Pedro the Penguin and Joybob the Polar Bear on its YouTube page.

Snow activities

If the snowfall has settled down, maybe it's time to bundle up and head outside. Consider building a snow fort, or a snowman. Head over to the closest sledding hill and take a sled for a few trips.

Arts and Crafts, indoors and outdoors

Break out the construction paper and safety scissors with some creative craft ideas

Click here for a detailed list of indoor activities for kids during your next snow day.