5 Meaningful Ways to Support Mom's Mental Health this Month.


“Motherhood is the exquisite inconvenience of being another person's everything.” ~ Anonymous

Few individuals have a more profound impact on our lives than our mothers. With National Women's Health Month upon us, it's the perfect time to spotlight how we, as family, friends, and colleagues, can actively support the women who shape our days.

Here are five easy, yet meaningful, ways to show to the special women in our lives just how much their mental health matters.

5 Tips to Emotionally Support Moms

Create a mom cave. Be it a weekend away or a quiet nook in the corner of her favorite room at home, consider setting up a small space where mom can read, reflect, or just take a well-deserved nap. A sacred space encourages self-care, healing, creativity, and rest, providing mothers with an opportunity to get away from the chaos of the world. Think about filling the space with soft pillows, candles, snacks, or anything that adds to the feeling of peace.

Make space for connection. In a digitally connected world, it’s easier than ever to become disconnected from one another. Consider unplugging and setting aside quality time with Mom. Share special, face-to-face time over her favorite beverage, a walk in the park, or her favorite meal. Connection with loved ones can work wonders to replenish a mother’s soul.

Let nature heal. Nature can be a powerful remedy for supporting our physical and emotional well-being. If Mom’s scheduled is packed, be the one to plan an outdoor adventure as a family. Enjoy a picnic in the park, explore a new hiking trail, or simply soak in the peacefulness of a sunset.

Encourage creativity. Encourage Mom's creative spirit by initiating ways for her to explore and express herself either alone or with the family. Help her make time for solo or family art projects where imagination is center stage. Whether it's painting, writing, or gardening, let creativity be a source of healing for Mom.

Celebrate wins. Take the time to compile a list of Mom wins. Putting words to the difference she makes in an ordinary day could be the thanks and encouragement she needs to recharge and keep going. Compile a list of her accomplishments, whether they're as obvious as a career milestone or as simple as tackling everyday challenges. Support her with kind words, hugs, and gestures of love.

Remember—it's the seemingly small acts of support that can profoundly impact a mother's well-being. This can be especially true for new moms who may be experiencing overwhelming emotions. By simply taking a moment to recognize their importance, we remind the remarkable women in our lives that they are loved, appreciated, and supported every single day.

Reproductive Women's Health is a division of the Tennessee Department of Health. For more information on maternal health and resources designed to support mothers, women, and families, visit us here.

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