PRAMS: Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System


PRAMS stands for Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System. Mothers who have recently given birth can fill out a research questionnaire to aid the Tennessee Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What does PRAMS ask?

The survey will ask you about:

  • Your experiences and behaviors before, during and after pregnancy
  • Your health
  • Your baby’s health
  • Prenatal care

How do I get selected to participate?

Each month a group of mothers who recently delivered a baby in Tennessee will be randomly selected from the state’s birth certificates.

How does the PRAMS survey work?

Once selected, a survey is mailed to each mother. The mother fills out the survey and returns it in the postage paid envelope.

Why should I participate?

Your answers will help us find out about experiences and behaviors taking place with new moms. This will help us develop and improve programs for future moms and babies.

Are my answers kept private?

  • Your answers are kept strictly confidential.
  • Your name will not appear on any reports from PRAMS.
  • Your answers will be combined with answers from other moms.


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