Child Support Enforcement


The Child Support Services Program of the Tennessee Department of Human Services(DHS) offers numerous services to parents or legal guardians trying to obtain financial and medical support for their child or children. The agency’s child support staff can help you locate a missing parent, establish paternity, obtain or modify court orders, and enforce those orders. DHS also collects and distributes child support payments.

The agency's goal is to make sure that all children have the financial support of both parents.

Some of the actions our agency can take to enforce child support orders are:

  • Automatically withhold wages and other income
  • Seize assets identified by the Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) program, or by other means
  • Intercept federal tax refunds and deny passport applications using the IRS Treasury Offset Program
  • Revoke driver’s licenses, professional licenses and various other licenses
  • Report a child support debt to the credit reporting agencies
  • Place liens against real or personal property
  • File a contempt petition with the court

If the non-custodial parent resides out of state, child support can be pursued across state lines under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). Using standardized forms, one state can request another state for assistance with the activities necessary to establish, enforce and collect child support.

Child Support Payment System

One of the ways DHS helps both parents and children is through its online Child Support Payment System. From this page, you’ll be able to log in and review monthly statements and payments.

  • Custodial parents can review remittance advices and monthly statements.
  • Both non-custodial and custodial parents can view processed payments.
  • Example pages with video are available to guide parents through the process.
  • An informative Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) link is available.

Both non-custodial and custodial parents will need the case number or member ID, and their own Social Security number.

For more information on the Child Support Program, or for help with payment questions or other enforcement issues, check out our Child Support Program Fact Sheet or contact thechild support office nearest you.