Community Targeted Transitional Support Services


The Community Targeted Transitional Support Services Program provides specific, temporary financial support for Tennesseans diagnosed with mental illness or co-occurring disorders (suffering from two or more disorders at the same time—for example, substance abuse and bipolar disorder). The program also assists adults, children and families who are homeless. Participants can live independently in the community by receiving short-term, temporary monetary assistance for rental deposits, rental assistance, utility deposits, utility payments, eye care and dental care until more permanent income is started or restored.

The program serves adults with certain mental disorders who also meet the most recent federal poverty guidelines. Funding is provided to 16 agencies that directly pay landlords, utility companies and doctors on behalf of participants. 

The program reduces the likelihood of homelessness, hospitalization and the use of acute care. It also increases integration into the community and the likelihood of employment. Participants receive services that improve their quality of life and reduce their reliance upon more costly alternatives. 

People with disabilities continue to be the poorest people in the nation. Community Targeted Transitional Support Services helps prevent homelessness, incarceration and institutionalization. This translates into financial savings for the state as individuals are integrated into their home communities instead of being housed in institutional settings.

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