Vocational Rehabilitation


Vocational Rehabilitation is a federal and state-funded program that helps individuals with disabilities enter or return to employment. The VR program assists individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities and helps them compete successfully with others in earning a livelihood that fits their abilities and interests. 

An individual with a disability may apply directly to Vocational Rehabilitation or may be referred by another individual or agency. Referrals can be made by contacting a Vocational Rehabilitation office in person, by U.S. mail, by email or by telephone. Find the Vocational Rehabilitation/Division of Rehabilitation Services office in your area. 

Transition Services

Transition School to Work Program
The Transition School to Work program provides vocational rehabilitation services to eligible high school students with disabilities who are interested in employment. The goal is a smooth, seamless transition from high school to employment. Eligible students receive individualized transition services from a vocational rehabilitation counselor. Transition services may include:

  • Vocational assessment
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Assistive technology evaluation—this helps determine which technologies or tools can be used to help an individual with a disability in a training or employment setting
  • Postsecondary training
  • Community vocational adjustment training
  • Job development and job placement

Pre-employment Transition Services

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), was signed into law in July, 2014. The Act provides for students age fourteen to twenty-two (14-22) with a disability to receive Pre-Employment Transition Services. The five Pre-employment Transition Services are:

  • Job Exploration
  • Work Based Learning
  • Work Place Readiness
  • Self Advocacy
  • Post-Secondary Counseling & Enrollment Assistance

The services should be arranged in conjunction with the student's educational provider.

Download the VR Program Fact Sheet for more information.