The Individualized Education Account (IEA) Program can help Children with Disabilities Excel in School


There may be certain subjects or classes that children with disabilities struggle in while in public school. Understandably, parents may look for an individualized program to help their children succeed in academics. That’s exactly what the Individualized Education Account Program or IEA Program aims to do!

The IEA Program is a school choice program for students with disabilities. It provides parents the opportunity to choose educational opportunities that best meet their child’s unique needs through access to public education funds. The statewide average annual IEA award is approximately $6,957.

Parents who are interested in enrolling their child in the IEA Program must waive that child’s IDEA rights. It also means their child will no longer be eligible for the Individualized Education Program or IEP nor receive services through the public school system. Students enrolled in the IEA Program can attend a private school or an independent home school.

Student Eligibility

Eligible K-12 students must be Tennessee residents who meet all of the following requirements stated by the Tennessee Department of Education;

1.       Meets at least one of the following requirements:  

·         Was previously enrolled in a Tennessee public school during the one full school year immediately preceding the school year in which the student receives an IEA.

·         Is entering kindergarten for the first time.  

·         Has not previously attended a school in Tennessee during the one full school year immediately preceding the school year in which the student receives an IEA, and moved to Tennessee less than one year prior to the date of enrollment in the IEA Program.

2.       Has an active individualized education program (IEP) through a Tennessee public school district in effect at the time of request for participation in the program.

3.       Has one of the following disabilities in their IEP as the primary or secondary disability;

·         autism

·         deaf-blindness

·         developmental delay

·         hearing impairment

·         intellectual disability

·         multiple disabilities

·         orthopedic impairments

·         traumatic brain injury

·         visual impairments

Student applications are currently open for 2019-20 and are due on April, 15. To learn more about the IEA Program or to apply click here.