Child Health Day


Every child deserves to be the healthiest they can be. From the food kids eat to the words they hear, children require a lot of support and opportunities to grow. Every year, the first Monday of October is known as Child Health Day to remind everyone of all the ways children can grow healthy and strong.

On Child Health Day, many organizations across the country organize various activities and events aimed at informing parents of the importance of child care, regular doctor visits, healthy eating and physical activity as well as preventing and treating sicknesses and injuries.

In Tennessee Child Health Day is observed for an entire week, October 1-7, 2019. For a list of activities in your area, look at this state calendar.

Ideas for participating:

Host a fun, physical event like a kids’ dance party

Host a physical activity fair

Plan a fun run!  

Promote healthy nutrition!

Don’t forget about dental health

Promote childhood mental health and wellness.

 Promote safety, health and wellness. 

TennCare Kids

TennCare Kids is a full program of checkups and health care services for children who have TennCare. These services ensure infants, children, teens and young adults receive the health care they need. TennCare Kids provides free medical and dental checkups as well as free behavioral health services. Click here for more information. 

Don’t have TennCare? There are other health care options available through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Visit or call them at 1-800-318-2596. If you need additional help finding access to health care services that may be free or at a reduced cost, learn more by clicking here.

If you believe you qualify for TennCare, apply through TennCare Connect. Since the application asks more detailed questions than, it may mean applicants find out sooner if they qualify.