How to Get in Touch With Your Child’s Health Plan


TennCare contracts with Health Plans, also known as Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to coordinate care for TennCare members. They also help TennCare members find doctors and other health care providers. All TennCare members are enrolled in one of these health plans - Amerigroup, BlueCare, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, and TennCare Select. You can find out which health plan you have by looking at your TennCare card. If you need help finding a TennCare health care provider in your area, you can contact your health plan.

TennCare Health Plans also known as Managed Care Organizations:

  • Amerigroup: 800-600-4441
  • BlueCare: 800-468-9698
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan: 800-690-1606
  • TennCare Select: 800-263-5479

Are you looking for a TennCare provider? You can search your TennCare health plan's website to find a provider in your area.

DentaQuest (dental services): 855-418-1622

TennCare Connect1-855-259-0701

CoverKids Information Line: 1-855-259-0701

Para información acerca de TennCare en español, llame al 1-855-259-0701.